Garage Door Openers

Electric garage door openers

Are you looking for a motorized garage door opener? Whether it’s repairing an existing one or installing a new electric garage door opener we can provide you with a powerful, secure system that is easy to operate.

Key product features of our automatic garage door openers:

  • For the motorized option, a springless barrel is driven by a powerful ECR600 motor (capable of lifting 600kg)
  • Available in single or three-phase
  • Less maintenance as no springs and few moving parts
  • Chain break protection device
  • Safety brake (operates like a seatbelt mechanism) to prevent free fall of door curtain in the unlikely event of motor failure.
  • Built-in manual chain operation when power is off
  • Option of remote control with ‘Photo Eye’ protection
automatic garage door openers, Timaru Garage Doors

Sprung balanced

Key Product Features:

  • Customised springs to ensure perfect balance
  • Ideal for manual operation or very large garage doors
  • Manual | Motorised

Jielong GKH Motor

  • Three or single-phase
  • Ideal for Sprung Balanced Doors
  • All motor options can be fitted with garage door remote controls and photo eye beams.

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